Elvis Presley’s beloved friend Sonny West has died


Elvis and Sonny West Elvis wearing KARATE outfit

Sadly, we learned that Sonny West passed away on May 24, 2017 at the age of 79 of lung cancer.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, loved ones, friends, etc.. May God grant them each time to mourn, heal, fondly remember, support one another, etc.

Sonny West was one of Elvis’ Presleys oldest friends dating back to Elvis High School days at Humes High School in Memphis Tennessee.

Sonny West was the cousin to Elvis’ friend, and fellow Humes High School student who saw several boys threatening to cut Elvis’ hair (they said it was too long) forcing Elvis against a wall in the bathroom, with their friendship beginning with Red West saying tot he other boys “well, if you are gonna cut his hair then you will have to cut my hair andt that will be an entirely different deal”. Since Red had a well deserved reputation for being a tough gay, mean, strong, and a good fighter they ended up leaving Elvis alone. Elvis thanked Red and there began their friendship.

It was through Red West that Sonny West came to know Elvis and eventually become a member of Elvis’ close circle of friend known as “the Memphis Mafia”.

Here is an interesting link about the passing of Sonny West Elvis’ friend, and body guard, Sonny West has died

We ask, and encourage, everyone to donate (the specifics are available through any search engine) whatever they can (monetarily) who have many outstanding medical bills along with much needed mortgage payments.

Lastly, I encourage you to join us in praying for Judy West who is/was Sonny West’s wife and is going through her own life threatening illness pertaining to breast cancer. Here is the link, for the now closed, via gofundme: Go fund me for Sonny West

However they are still in dire need for support so please help, in any way you can and please share this article with others via social media.

Thank you.


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